Putting people first
in humanitarian operations

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Ground Truth Solutions

Our mission is to ensure that people affected by crisis have a say in humanitarian action, from individual projects to global humanitarian reform.

We help people affected by crisis to influence:


COVID-19: Listening will mean life or death to millions

As the pandemic takes root in some of the most under-served and vulnerable communities on earth, a response informed by their own perspective is vital if the current crisis is not to become a catastrophe.


Humanitarian reform

As part of a far reaching effort to reform the humanitarian system, Ground Truth Solutions is working in several countries to give people affected by humanitarian crisis more of a say in the planning and monitoring of humanitarian responses.


Cash Barometer

The potential of cash transfer programming has been demonstrated many times over. But how does the humanitarian “cash revolution” present itself to its intended beneficiaries? What concerns do affected people have, and how can their perspectives help inform a more effective roll-out of cash-based assistance? To find out, we partnered with the German Federal Foreign Office to launch the Cash Barometer.


User Journeys: Mobile Money enabled Cash and Voucher Assistance Programmes

In order to understand people’s lived experiences of receiving mobile money enabled Cash and Voucher Assisstance, GSMA Mobile for Humanitarian Innovation (M4H) programme has commissioned a research project to explore the user journeys of people receiving this assistance.


Building and busting trust in humanitarian action

Aid cannot succeed without the trust of everyone involved, argues Hugo Slim, head of policy at the International Committee of the Red Cross. But what does trust in humanitarian action really mean, and how can we do a better job of fostering trust in the field?


Six ways donors can speed up the Participation Revolution

Because donors have a lot of clout in the humanitarian space, they can tip the balance in promoting change. One area where they can push the reform agenda further is ensuring that people hit by disaster have a say in the way aid programmes are designed and run.