Putting people first
in humanitarian operations

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Ground Truth Solutions

Our mission is to ensure that people affected by crisis have a say in humanitarian action, from individual projects to global humanitarian reform.

We help people affected by crisis to influence:


Systematic feedback from Rohingya and host communities in Bangladesh

We are providing Rohingya communities in Bangladesh with a way to give systematic feedback to aid providers. To make sure that the views of affected communities inform humanitarian programming, we combine these efforts with training for aid providers.


Assessing the humanitarian data landscape

Ground Truth Solutions and Publish What You Fund are conducting research to understand the information needs of humanitarian actors and the challenges they face accessing it. By focusing on national aid providers, international NGOs, governments, and UN agencies in Iraq and Bangladesh, this project will provide recommendations on how to change open data to make it more useful and accessible to humanitarian responders.


Third-party monitoring in northern Nigeria

Ground Truth Solutions is working with IMPACT Initiatives and Girl Effect Nigeria to carry out Third Party Monitoring of DFID aid delivery in north-eastern Nigeria. Our goal is to provide people affected by the crisis in Nigeria with an independent mechanism to assess the services provided.


Time to act on what affected people tell us about humanitarian hotlines

In the wake of last month’s Cyclone Idai in Mozambique, many relief agencies rushed to set-up hotlines, offering affected people a direct link to those tasked with assisting them. Trying to capture the concerns and suggestions of affected communities is important in any humanitarian emergency, but hotlines alone are not the answer in ensuring their voices are heard and heeded.


Field perspectives on the Grand Bargain

As part of a far reaching effort to reform the humanitarian system, Ground Truth Solutions is working with the OECD secretariat to give people affected by humanitarian crisis more of a say in assessing progress. The focus is on the changes agreed by signatories to the Grand Bargain at the World Humanitarian Summit in 2016. The views of humanitarian field staff are also included in the research.


An accountable humanitarian response in Chad

The Humanitarian Country Team in Chad has agreed to give people affected by the crisis more of a say in the Humanitarian Response Plan for 2018. We provide affected people with a way to share feedback on the response in a systematic way in this joint project with the CHS Alliance.