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Cash Barometer

The potential of cash transfer programming has been demonstrated many times over. But how does the humanitarian “cash revolution” present itself to the intended beneficiaries? What concerns do affected people have and how can their perspectives help inform a more effective roll-out of cash-based assistance? To find out, we partnered with the German Federal Foreign Office and the Cash Learning Partnership (CaLP) to launch the Cash Barometer.

The Cash Barometer is an independent accountability mechanism that combines standardised face-to-face surveys with user-centred approaches to allow cash recipients to provide feedback on cash and voucher assistance, and participate in decision making.

The Cash Barometer was first deployed in Afghanistan. We have since conducted cash transfer surveys in Turkey, Kenya and Iraq. In 2019 the Cash Barometer launched in Nigeria and in 2020 we will roll-out in a second country to be selected in line with the Common Donor Approach for humanitarian cash programming.

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Bulletin - Borno State - February 2020 (EN)