Ground Truth Solutions is an international non-governmental organisation that provides the humanitarian sector with tools to systematically listen, learn, and act on the views of affected people. We developed out of Keystone Accountability, which helps social change organisations improve their performance by harnessing feedback from the people they serve. We also capture the perspective of field staff and local partner organisations as a counterpoint to the views of those caught up in humanitarian crises.

Our goal is to make the perceptions of affected people the touchstone and driver of humanitarian effectiveness. We offer practical tools to discover whether humanitarian services are relevant and fair, if affected populations trust aid agencies, and whether they feel empowered. Our surveys of field staff and local partner organisations provide additional insight.

The result is that:

  • Humanitarian programmes are more responsive and effective
  • Affected people are empowered to express their views and priorities
  • Agencies understand the perspective of affected people, as well as their field staff and local partner organisations
  • Donors receive a new measure of humanitarian performance to guide their policies and support


Nick van Praag
Executive Director

Elias Sagmeister
Deputy Director

Louisa Seferis
Senior Programme Manager

Kai Hopkins
Senior Programme Manager

Tomas Folke
Chief Statistician

Alexandra Warner
Programme Manager

Ruba Ishak
Operations and Strategy Manager

Konstantinos Liakos
Finance Manager

Sigrid Markl
Office Manager

Andrew Nzimbi
Consultant (East Africa)

Carine Nzeuyang
Consultant (West Africa)

Serge Madjou
Consultant (West Africa)

Yaseen Ayobi
Consultant (Asia and the Pacific)

Hamidan Bibi
Consultant (South Pacific)

Rebecca Hetzer
Programme Officer

Isabella Leyh
Senior Programme Analyst

Maximilian Seilern
Senior Programme Analyst

Kai Kamei
Senior Programme Analyst

Ulrich Utner
Statistical Analyst

Guillaume Pocard
Programme Analyst


For general questions regarding our work or job opportunities please contact us via email: info@groundtruthsolutions.org.  

Our address in Vienna

Ground Truth Solutions Währinger Strasse 6-8, 12a 1090, Vienna, Austria

Current openings

Programme Manager

We are looking for an experienced (Senior) Programme Manager to join our core team as we scale up our activities. A detailed job description can be found here. To submit an application please send us a short cover letter and CV to hr@groundtruthsolutions.org by May 23, 2019. 

We are always interested in getting to know talented people with an interest in our work. If you know how to use data to influence change and think your profile fits well with what we do, please send us a brief cover letter and your CV to  hr@groundtruthsolutions.org.