Putting people first in humanitarian operations

Humanitarian agencies recognize the importance of listening to affected people, but have made slow progress in acting on what they hear. This is the challenge that Ground Truth seeks to address by supporting humanitarian agencies to systematically listen and respond to the voices of affected people. Ground Truth’s innovative approach is to use short, frequent surveys of crisis-affected people as a means to help decision-makers in humanitarian agencies to adjust programmes.

We offer humanitarian agencies a light-touch, practical way to listen to the intended beneficiaries of aid, and to integrate the feedback into the design and implementation of their programmes. 

Our goal is to support more effective humanitarian programs that are grounded in meeting the needs, priorities and expectations of affected people. To learn more about our mission, click here

News and Commentary


The Benefits of Citizen Engagement

Sarah Holst from Integrity Action assesses the improvement of aid capabilities of organizations in post-earthquake Nepal after Ground Truth implemented its feedback methodology. Rea…

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