Supporting communication and community engagement for disaster preparedness and response in the Pacific

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Aiming to strengthen localisation through capacity building, we worked to support local actors in the region by embedding sustainable, locally-led solutions in-country.

After four years, the project – which was working to operationalise AAP through communications and community engagement (CCE) – has come to an end. With support from the Australian Government and implemented together with the Communicating with Disaster Affected Communities (CDAC) Network, we supported local actors (National Disaster Management Offices, other government departments, local aid actors and other agencies) to develop systematic two-way communication systems to better inform communities and adapt disaster preparedness efforts and recovery responses.

Our key activities included:

  • Supporting government-led multi-stakeholder CCE platforms to lead on all CCE activities
  • Supporting relevant actors to develop systematic outgoing communications
  • Supporting relevant actors collect systematic community feedback
  • Synthesising learnings and sharing them regionally and globally

Below are some snapshots of existing practice in Fiji, as well as a Framework for determining the success of National CCE platforms and case studies of of efforts in both countries to establish locally-led CCE platforms.

Framework for Assessing Success of National CCE Platforms