Supporting an accountable response in Uganda

Credit: U-Learn

Credit: U-Learn

Ground Truth Solutions has been supporting Accountability to Affected People efforts under the U-Learn Consortium which promotes improved outcomes for refugees and host communities in Uganda.

A key component of GTS support has been in tracking and analysing real-time rumours across various settlements across Uganda in order to inform Risk Communication and Community Engagement efforts around Covid-19. This data aims to be both timely and actionable as we have been regularly updating the inter-agency dashboard and producing regular bulletins to share with relevant actors.

With the objective of strengthening knowledge and skills around AAP in Uganda, we continue to take an active role in co-facilitating training sessions. The monthly training sessions cover the specific needs and knowledge gaps as outlined by participants themselves and include multiple agencies across Uganda. One such priority outlined by participants has been the designing of inter-agency AAP indicators and setting targets for such indicators.

The Refugee Engagement Forum (REF) represents a platform unique to Uganda for refugees to participate in national decision-making platforms and processes. We supported in qualitative analysis of the REF Good Practise Study through direct observation of the sessions and key informant interviews sessions in order to identify the key successions as well as lessons.

The Refugee Engagement Forum

Refugee perceptions on the humanitarian response