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An accountable humanitarian response in Chad


Source: UNHCR


Since 2018, we have been tracking the perceptions of people affected by crisis in the Lac, Ouaddaï and Logone Oriental provinces to highlight their opinions about the humanitarian aid they receive. We have also interviewed humanitarian staff and their local partners. Together, these findings monitor the implementation of Chad's Humanitarian Response Plan against the Core Humanitarian Standard.

2021 marks our fifth round of data collection. In our SIDA funded project, we are working with the CHS Alliance and the humanitarian country team to use the findings from this project to help people affected by crisis shape aid programmes and hold aid providers to account. This year we are expanding our data collection to Wadi Fira and Moyen Chari, in addition to Lac, Ouaddaï and Logone Oriental. Using perceptual data, we support humanitarian actors to maximise crisis affected communities' participation in humanitarian aid planning and meet related goals of the response plan.


Round 5 (early 2021)

Round 4 (end 2019)

Round 3 (mid-2019)

Round 2 (end 2018)

Round 1 (mid-2018)

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