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Accountability-framework in South Sudan

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In early 2018, Ground Truth Solutions developed an accountability framework for the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the Shelter Cluster in South Sudan. The framework is intended to facilitate consistent and meaningful engagement with communities and people affected by crisis, contributing to more transparent and adaptive programming. In doing so, it offers a simple and practical way to implement accountability of affected person (AAP) theory.

The accountability framework is enabling a better understanding of the needs, priorities, experiences, and expectations of conflict- and disaster-affected people in South Sudan. It is based on existing organisational knowledge and accountability mechanisms while also strengthening capacity for meaningful community engagement. Ground Truth Solutions provided staff with training on the tools to ensure the new framework becomes a standardised part of programming.

While the tools were developed for the Shelter cluster in South Sudan, they are relevant for many other contexts, and are a useful start to mainstreaming AAP, operationalising the theory on the ground.

A short summary note from the project, which includes key findings and introduces the tools is available here


Summary Report (June 2018) 

The four accompanying tools are also publically available:

Tool 1: Commitment to AAP

Tool 2: Active Citizen AAP Scorecard

Tool 3: Rapid Monitoring Checklist

Tool 4: Constituent Voice Tool