Project • Completed

Tools for improving refugee counselling in Vienna

Ground Truth Solutions partnered with Projekt Verein Integrationshaus to provide them with tools to collect direct feedback from their clients: refugees and asylum seekers in Vienna. The organisation offers counselling to help shape the future of refugees and asylum seekers, whether in terms of housing, education, employment, psychological support, or integration more generally.

The objective of the project was for the Projekt Verein Integrationshaus to better understand the needs of their clients and the general satisfaction with the services provided. Ground Truth Solutions undertook this project on a pro bono basis. 

Survey questions on services provided by the Integrationshaus tracked perceptions on the following issues: relevance of the services provided and fair access to services; access and usefulness of information provided; trust in the organisation; and treatment by staff. 

The surveys were translated into the main languages of the clients at the Integrationshaus, including Arabic, Dari, Farsi, Somali, and Russian. Data collection was completed in December 2016. Ground Truth Solutions provided the Integrationshaus with analysis and a final report of the survey data. Additionally, posters with key findings in all languages of the survey were shared with the Integrationshaus to communicate the results to the clients.