Our approach

Ground Truth Solutions works with and for people affected by humanitarian crises, to understand how they experience the efforts undertaken on their behalf, and to help them influence aid provision. Our main methodology is rooted in two traditions of inquiry: participatory development thinking, combined with the business world’s emphasis on customer satisfaction. We examine how affected people see the relevance and fairness of the support they receive, whether they know what to expect, how to seek recourse and if they feel safe. We also want to know if people feel able to take control of their lives and whether they trust and respect those providing aid.

To learn more, we discuss these issues with affected people in focus groups and in interviews with individuals. We also triangulate what people tell us with factual information collected by aid agencies as part of their regular programme monitoring. We engage with affected people regularly and systematically, to understand important trends in their views. Then we feed back what we learn to aid providers and policymakers, to increase accountability and improve programme quality.  Our surveys of field workers and the local partners of international agencies provide additional insight for humanitarian managers and donors trying to make sense of and respond to the way things look on the ground.

Collecting citizens and community actors’ perceptions on COVID-19 in CAR

In the Central African Republic (CAR), Ground Truth Solutions is working with UNICEF on the implementation of surveys gauging the perceptions of affected communities, humanitarian staff and other key actors on the on-going humanitarian response to COVID-19.

Project status: Ongoing

Understanding the impact of COVID-19 on Cash and Voucher Assistance

We are working with key global actors such as CaLP and CashCap and in-country actors in CAR, Nigeria and Somalia to understand the wider impacts of COVID-19 on cash and voucher assistance, and their approaches to the current crisis.

Project status: Ongoing

Developing a feedback mechanism to inform COVID 19 response plans in Lebanon and Zimbabwe

Ground Truth Solutions, in partnership with the British Red Cross (BRC), is providing remote support to the Lebanese Red Cross Society (LRCS) and Zimbabwe Red Cross Society (ZRCS) to put in place mechanisms to tap public perceptions about COVID 19.

Project status: Ongoing

Collecting community perceptions on COVID 19 in Iraq

In partnership with the UNOPS Iraq Information Centre (IIC), Ground Truth Solutions is collecting community perceptions data on the COVID-19 pandemic that will feed into the ongoing humanitarian response.

Project status: Ongoing

Citizens perceptions around COVID-19 in Somalia

In Somalia, we are conducting country-wide telephone surveys with internally displaced people, people in need, and Somali citizens. We are asking questions about information access, behaviours, trust, and the economic impact of COVID-19 every six weeks in order to collect trend data, triangulated with information from other actors, to inform the ongoing response.

Project status: Ongoing

Community leaders’ perceptions on COVID-19 in Uganda

In Uganda, we are talking to South Sudanese and Congolese community leaders in refugee settlements across 10 regions, to capture their insight on communities’ information access, behaviours, trust and the economic impact of COVID-19.

Project status: Ongoing

Amplifying Burkinabés’ views of the humanitarian and COVID-19 responses

We are collecting feedback from internally displaced people and host community members in Burkina Faso regarding their views of the humanitarian aid they receive and their opinions on the current COVID-19 response.

Project status: Ongoing

Disaster preparedness and feedback in Uganda

In partnership with the Netherlands Red Cross (NLRC) and the Ugandan Red Cross Society (URCS), Ground Truth Solutions is supporting the creation and implementation of a systematic feedback system for the Innovative Approaches to Response Preparedness (IARP) project in Uganda.

Project status: Ongoing

System design and training: Supporting local NGOs in Afghanistan

With experience in designing simple and sustainable feedback systems, and the ability to train NGOs in how to best implement them, Ground Truth Solutions is supporting local Afghan NGOs in building the tools, skills and experience necessary to run systematic feedback mechanisms independently.

Project status: Ongoing

Humanitarian reform

As part of a far reaching effort to reform the humanitarian system, Ground Truth Solutions is working in several countries to give people affected by humanitarian crisis more of a say in the planning and monitoring of humanitarian responses.

Project status: Ongoing

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