Hosting the largest number of refugees in Africa, Uganda has a unique model of refugee integration as one of the first countries to commit to the Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework (CRRF). Ground Truth Solutions has been actively tracking how refugees view the humanitarian assistance they receive since 2017 as part of our work on measuring progress made against the Grand Bargain commitments. 

In light of the global health pandemic alongside significant cuts in humanitarian assistance provided to refugee committees, Ground Truth Solutions conducted a series of remote dialogues with community leaders across Uganda in 2020. The aim was to better understand how communities can be supported in order to minimise the impact of Covid-19 and the cuts in assistance and provide humanitarian actors with relevant and actionable recommendations from community leaders. 

Additionally, GTS has been working with the consortium “U-Learn” in Uganda to support on it’s Accountability to Affected People initiatives. One key area includes the Rumour Tracking initiative, where GTS has supported training partners on a quarterly basis on rumour collection Standard Operating Procedures, coding rumours on a bi-weekly bases, and producing regular Bulletins to synthesise key emerging trends.

Findings in Uganda