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Collecting perceptions on COVID-19 in Iraq

Source: Alan Ayoubi/NRC

As a part of our global initiative to gauge perceptions on COVID-19, we have partnered with the UNOPS Iraq Information Centre (IIC) to hear what refugees, returnees, and IDPs have to say about the response to the pandemic. For a duration of six months, IIC operators will be surveying 500 people across six governorates on a six-week basis, enabling us to analyse how perceptions are changing over time.

In partnership with the Cash Consortium for Iraq (CCI), we are conducting qualitative surveys to further understand the pandemic's effects on daily workers, who have been consistently identified as one of the most impacted groups.

Funded by the H2H Network, the project seeks to give responders and authorities insights on how to conduct, contextualise and shift programming through understanding key dimensions such as information, trust, economic impact and factors influencing behaviour.


COVID-19: Perceptions of people in need in Iraq

One-pager (June 2020)

Bulletin 1 (June 2020)

Bulletin 2 (August 2020) 

Bulletin 3 (January 2021)

Bulletin 4 (July 2021)

Understanding the experiences of daily workers

Falling through the cracks: Iraq’s daily workers live without security, savings or support (June 2021)