Projects in Greece

Perceptions of refugees, IDPs, and asylum seekers on the move

As part of the Mixed Migration Platform (MMP), we surveyed over 4,000 refugees, internally displaced persons, and asylum seekers in Iraq, Lebanon, Turkey, Greece, and Austria in the course of 2017.

Project status: Completed

Unaccompanied minors in Greece share their views

The refugee crisis has left numerous unaccompanied and separated minors at high risk of abuse, trafficking, violence, and exploitation. DFID's Refugee Children Fund for Europe was a one-year project to improve care and protection of unaccompanied children in Greece...

Project status: Completed

The Client Voice and Choice Initiative 

To meet the strategic commitment of becoming more responsive to people affected by conflict and disaster around the world, the International Rescue Committee launched the Client Voice and Choice Initiative in April 2015. The IRC partnered with Ground Truth...

Project status: Completed