Putting people first
in humanitarian operations

Ground Truth Solutions

We provide humanitarian actors with direct feedback from people affected by crisis. We amplify the voices of refugees, internally displaced people, and victims of natural disasters and conflict. In addition, we systematically collect perceptions of aid agency field staff and local partner organisations.

We offer feedback solutions for:


Can cash transfers unleash the participation revolution?

Cash transfers and community participation are often twinned as the load bearing pillars of humanitarian reform. But is cash the powerful driver of participation it is cracked up to be? Progress towards the Participation Revolution, one of the goals of the Grand Bargain struck at the World Humanitarian Summit in 2016, is still modest.


Monitoring the hurricane response in the Caribbean

In September 2017, the H2H Network was approached by the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development (DFID) to support the humanitarian response to Hurricanes Irma and Maria in the Caribbean. As part of the network, Ground Truth Solutions was specifically tasked to collect and measure the views of affected communities on the response and recovery efforts in Dominica and Antigua and Barbuda.


When humanitarian trust is lost

The Oxfam scandal over allegations of sexual exploitation by its staff in Haiti demonstrates the importance of listening to how people hit by crisis view aid and those who provide it. But is the sector doing enough to allow truly independent feedback?


Should I stay or should I go?

We surveyed more than 4,000 refugees and migrants in Iraq, Lebanon, Turkey, as well as Austria. Now would be a good time to learn from such feedback and address frustrations before they fester.


Humanitarian Voice Index

Ground Truth Solutions is currently developing the Humanitarian Voice Index (HVI), a global database and advocacy platform intended to inform stakeholders within and beyond the humanitarian system about the views of affected people. The project is funded by the Conrad Hilton Foundation.


Strengthening the response in Chad

The Humanitarian Country Team in Chad has agreed to include Ground Truth Solution’s performance indicators, which use the perceptions of affected people, in the Humanitarian Response Plan for 2018. We will be tracking these indicators at regular intervals over the next months, in our project together with the CHS Alliance.