Putting people first in humanitarian operations

Ground Truth Solutions

We help aid providers understand the views of people affected by crisis in order to increase accountability and improve programme quality.

We offer feedback solutions for:


An accountable humanitarian response in Chad

The Humanitarian Country Team in Chad has agreed to include Ground Truth Solutions' performance indicators, which use the perceptions of affected people, in the Humanitarian Response Plan for 2018. We are currently tracking these indicators at regular intervals in our project together with the CHS Alliance.


Dear aid workers around the world

This World Humanitarian Day provides a welcome opportunity to highlight a remarkably consistent and positive trend we are seeing in nearly all our surveys: When asked about their experience with aid workers, most people – in countries as diverse as Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Somalia, and Bangladesh - tell us they are treated with respect by aid providers. With few exceptions, aid workers are trusted to have people’s best interest at heart.


Improving user journeys for humanitarian cash transfers

Humanitarian agencies today are increasingly delivering cash to affected people. The variety of systems and mechanisms used to transfer money is growing. From digital payment systems like mobile money accounts, prepaid or smart cards, and electronic vouchers, to more traditional methods of delivering funds through agents, informal networks, or over the counter - there is still much to be learned about how well these systems are able to meet recipients’ needs and satisfy their preferences.


Tools for localisation: steady flow of humanitarian aid coupled with knowhow to use it

With the debate grinding on about how to give local and national humanitarian actors more funding and a bigger role, we wanted to discover what’s working and what’s not in their relations with the international intermediary organisations that provide them funds and marching orders.


Field perspectives on the Grand Bargain

The OECD secretariat commissioned Ground Truth Solutions to track first-hand how people affected by humanitarian crises – as well as field staff implementing humanitarian programmes – perceive the reforms spelled out in the Grand Bargain.


Community engagement in the South Pacific

The overarching aim of this one-year project is to assist local and regional organisations in Fiji and Vanuatu to effectively communicate with communities and engage with them more efficiently by ensuring that feedback is central to preparedness measures and response programming.