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An accountable humanitarian response in Chad


Source: UNHCR

The Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) for 2017–2019 in Chad recognises the importance of being accountable to people affected by crisis. However, their views are not yet systematically collected, analysed, nor acted upon throughout the response. In our SIDA funded project, we are working with the CHS Alliance and the humanitarian country team to develop a common approach to community feedback that informs decision-making, strategic planning, and programme monitoring. Along with our partners, we are building the capacity of humanitarian actors on the ground to maximise participation and meet related goals of the response plan.

We are collecting feedback from affected people, field staff of aid agencies, and their local partners in order to systematically monitor the implementation of the HRP for Chad against the Core Humanitarian Standard. In cooperation with the CHS Alliance, we are using the findings from this project to help agencies implement programmes that are informed by and adapted to the views, perceptions, and priorities of the people they aim to serve.