Cash Barometer

Monitoring perceptions of affected people
to optimize cash transfer programming

The potentially positive effects of Cash-Transfer Programming (CTP) have been demonstrated many times over. But how does the humanitarian ‘cash revolution’ present itself to those who are intended to benefit from it? What concerns do affected people have, and how can their perspective help inform a more effective roll-out of cash-based programmes? Ground Truth Solutions, together with the Cash Learning Partnership (CaLP), is piloting the global Cash Barometer to find out more.

While existing feedback on cash-based assistance in humanitarian contexts is mostly project-specific and focused on what people buy or consume, the Cash Barometer targets perceptions around satisfaction and expected benefits on an aggregated level. It will be based on feedback from cash recipients and host communities, as well as other affected stakeholder groups such as traders and small businesses. The Cash Barometer will provide actionable information from affected people that can be translated into program improvements, while empowering people to express their views.

Based on Ground Truth Solutions’ tested approach to collecting and responding to feedback in humanitarian settings, the Barometer will combine standardized face-to-face and mobile surveys with qualitative data collection. It will ask a small number of questions relating to the relevance and effectiveness of cash-based assistance—both on its own merits and compared to and in combination with other programming modalities. Focus areas revolve around the impact of cash transfers on people’s sense of agency and dignity, as well as potential risks of cash programming. Ground Truth will triangulate feedback with data from surveys across the globe to provide additional analysis.

Ground Truth Solutions is currently piloting the Cash Barometer in Afghanistan. Our approach at the country level will be tailored to the information demand of humanitarian decision-makers and affected people on the ground. Anonymous perception data will be collected at regular intervals and all findings will be shared with humanitarian agencies, policymakers, and affected people. Based on this pilot, Ground Truth Solutions and partners will refine the approach and roll out the Barometer in additional humanitarian contexts.

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