DanChurch Aid (DCA) and Save the Children

Implementing the Listen Learn Act project

From September 2015 to April 2017, DanChurchAid, Save the Children Denmark and Ground Truth jointly implemented the Listen Learn Act project. Funded by European Union Humanitarian Aid (ECHO), the project aimed to explore the use of Ground Truth’s methodology as a tool to measure and improve compliance with the Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS) through the eyes of affected people. Ground Truth gathered feedback from affected people on the relevance of the services provided, the usefulness of existing complaint mechanisms and how effective humanitarian organisations are at including their voices into their work. These indicators speak directly to the main recommendations of the CHS.

The Listen Learn Act project was piloted in four countries: Nepal, Lebanon, Ethiopia, and Mali. In each country, Ground Truth’s light-touch methodology was used to collect feedback on the programmes of four different humanitarian organisations. 

In addition, DanChurchAid, Save the Children and Ground Truth built the capacity of humanitarian organisations to apply the Core Humanitarian Standard through training, on-the-job mentoring, e-learning, and by facilitating communities of practices and sharing data through humanitarian forums, project and organisation-specific social media, and Keystone’s Feedback Commons. 

The LLA training course, launched in early 2017, takes learners through a fictional, scenario-based instructional experience, using Ground Truth’s methodology of systematically listening and responding to the voices of affected people to measure and improve compliance with the Core Humanitarian Standard. The course is currently available in English and will be available in French and Arabic in mid-2017.

The Listen Learn Act project was implemented in close partnership with the CHS Alliance, the Sphere Project and many other local and international humanitarian actors.

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