Mixed Migration Platform

Tracking perceptions of people on the move
through the Middle East and Europe

Ground Truth Solutions is one of the seven NGOs that have jointly launched a mixed migration platform to deliver research, analysis and policy recommendations for a better understanding of mixed migration patterns in the Middle East and Europe and to enhance the protection of, and information available to, people on the move. The Mixed Migration Platform (MMP), funded by the UK’s Department for International Development and the Swiss agency for Development and Cooperation, is an initiative that aims to provide quality information and protection-sensitive analysis to improve decision-making, both for people on the move through the Middle East and Europe, as well as for host governments and humanitarian organisations who are involved in the response. The MMP is a consortium of seven NGOs – ACAPS, Danish Refugee Council, Ground Truth Solutions, Internews, INTERSOS, IMPACT Initiatives, which is the host agency of REACH, and Translators without Borders – established in October 2016.

Ground Truth Solutions’ contribution to the platform will be real time collection and analysis of feedback about the perceptions of people in different stages of displacement (borderlands, transit countries and states of final destination). Ground Truth will conduct surveys in five countries. The first of these countries will be Greece where data collection will start in November 2016. The focus of the surveys will be on people’s experience as refugees, asylum seekers and migrants and their perceptions of the assistance they receive from humanitarian agencies.

Data will be collected through micro-surveys that will be administered over three rounds at intervals of two or three months in each country.

Project Partners