The ENGAGE collaborative

Engagement and Assessment in Humanitarian Emergencies

ENGAGE is a collaborative venture led by Ground Truth Solutions, ACAPS, and Internews that aims to provide an advanced set of emergency assessment, feedback, and communication tools to the humanitarian community during crises. Through ENGAGE, responders receive essential feedback from affected people that helps to shape decisions about the delivery of aid – and at the same time ensures that those in need fully understand their options to access and influence aid provision.

Members of ENGAGE will work closely with humanitarian teams on the ground while retaining the independence of action and analysis that is key to providing impartial and reliable information. As a trusted third party, ENGAGE will connect affected people with leaders in the aid community.

ENGAGE provides services at the onset of an emergency and continues to do so until alternative collective arrangements are in place – or until its services are no longer required, once responsibility can be transferred to local or other specialised agencies.

Project Partners